Run This Up Your Fucking Flagpole

marilynMemorial Day.

Which used to be called Decoration Day…until 1971 and the height of the Vietnam War (conflict as it was called) when it was made a Federal holiday…when we had a new 58,000 or so dead to memorialize.

A day steeped in history as a day to honor and celebrate those who lost their lives serving our country in the Military. The fighting for freedom folks who presumably were doing their duty for the good of all.

In some ways, I think that is true. In other ways, I think way too many have died for senseless reasons. And most of the time for Cent-less reasons. Cent-less to those who perished. Big profits for those who drive the train of what is called ‘for the protection of all’.

Bullshit. READ MORE

Other Mothers

bwheartMothers. We all have one. Or had one.

They come in every shape, size, color, ability, consequence, joy, sorrow, and species.

An occurrence of nature. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance. Sometimes by force.

But however it occurs, there is an innate built in sense to nurture, to protect the young, and to send them out to the world of mostly unknowns to start the process again.


Long before Mother’s Day became a commercial gold mine, celebrations were conducted in ancient Egypt to worship the Goddess Isis. READ MORE

I Can Do About Anything…Except Stupid….This Is Stupid

axe2As someone who watched Saturday Night Live…uh, religiously… I often think of those episodes of the 70’s and how they might relate to today. I was especially fond of the Jane Curtin, Dan Akroyd Weekend Update and their Point/Counterpoint exchange. After reading letters to the editor in local newspapers.. I will admit…this line came to mind.

“(Jane) MaryAnn, You Ignorant Slut”


Happy Birthday – I Took Away Your Rear-view Mirror!

Much like 58 years ago, last night we took another ride…this time it was me assuring you it was going to be fine. But then you knew that didn’t you? This time was probably a bit different than the one long ago when somehow before I even appeared, you were assuring me it would be OK by morning.

You always did like a party and last night was no different. All kinds of people running around making sure you are tended and most of all loved. The flashing lights and young stud muffins in uniform. Some things never change. READ MORE

Here’s To Ya, Mr. Christmas!

Yes, it’s the Winter Solstice…the shortest, darkest day of the year, it’s also the day my Dad left this earthly plane 14 years ago.

One always assumes that when loved ones make their exit they head for heaven. I’m not so sure about my Dad. I’m pretty sure he headed Northward, but his idea of a really good time would have been the North Pole. He was a built it, fix it, tinker with it kind of guy.

And he loved Christmas. He was the uber orderly sort. READ MORE