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You don’t believe in reincarnation? You think that everything that happens to you is by some chance? The notion that fate just has you in the grips and you can’t do anything but succumb to whatever comes your way makes sense to you?

Well, come on in, grab a table and let’s chat over pretzels and something enticing with an umbrella.


There are a few things in life that are for sure to happen. One is that you die. We all die. At some point, we are done here on this earthly plane and move on. After a few stops on the ethereal train, we all end up here. The Angel Bar. Consider it a place of relaxation. Of blissful restfulness. A place where we gather with old friends and family. A place where we chat about what we did and what we want to do the next go round.

Next go around? What?

Yeah, yeah, I know..there are some reading this that will be totally disgusted by this premise or notion. And I’m not here to argue religion. In fact I do believe there is a great being. One omnipresent that is powerful, knowing, loving and provides all the things to make our lives wonderful. Whether the name is God, Allah, Great Spirit, Buddha, or whomever is your name of choice. My choice is to call that that pure energy of love BOB – Being of Bliss. (a termed coined while in previous business/relationship with ex and she needs credit and kudos..alot – it always was ‘all about her’ – LOL ) And BOB runs a great bar with more choices than any upscale joint you care to frequent.

So, here we are. Drinking, laughing, dancing, snacking and we notice on the tables and on the bar under the pretzel dishes, under the ash trays (of course we can smoke in The Angel Bar…what’s it going to do…kill us?) there are little notebooks. Notebooks filled with all kinds of things to do, to be, to have, to experience. Much like college courses, we can choose what we want to do, be, have, or experience in our next life. Well, how cool is that?

Wow…Yo, Angel wait-tron, bring another round and make ’em straight up. This is going to be fun!

Now if you’re somebody like me, there have been times in your life that you had so much fun and with every shot you became…uh…invincible? Sure, you knew you had to work in the morning, but the night was young and everything was easy. Of course I can do the limbo, sure I can dance on the bar, of course I can do whatever I want.

So here we are..hanging in The Angel Bar and throwing back oceans of 100 proof. I, myself, love the blue flaming ones. Hey, gimme that notebook, I’m ready to pick out what I’m going to do when I leave here. And where I want to be and who I want to do it with.

Here’s some of the choices. Which ones did you pick?

  • Live in foreign land – (hey, I was rich last time…I’m picking Third World this time)
  • Have multiple marriages – (sure, I was bored to death last time for 50 years with the same one)
  • Be a woman? Be a man?
  • Gay or lesbian. – (yeah, that’s an easy choice, I have had lots of GLBT friends – no sweat)
  • Be in a war – (cool, I used to love those video games)
  • Have really strange parents – (yeah, that one for sure..they were just “so normal” last time
  • Work for big corporation – (tired of working for mom and pop outfits)

Hey Bartender, another round!!!! I’m on a roll here!

Hey, this is fun! I can do it ALL !! I am INVINCIBLE!!!

  • Physical defect – (got that one down, have you seen my ears?)
  • Broke and homeless – (hey, that would be cool, tired of being spoiled all the time)
  • Be surrounded by all the folks here at The Angel Bar (sure, even the really drunk guy over there)

You’re getting the idea now. There we are at The Angel Bar just drinking, and chatting, and drinking, and dancing, and drinking and picking out our next life, and drinking and drinking and drinking.

How long have you been at the bar? Who cares, we’re having fun and time means nothing.

Hey, Angel Boy, bring me another one of those blue, flaming ones ..uh…’k?

I’m lovin’ it. Drinking 24/7 or whatever time this bar time is on. BOB, what a party!!!

Uh oh…here comes my train….time to head to my next life…

See you on the hangover side!!! Yeehaaaa!!!!

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  1. Shawnda

    I LOVE IT!!!!

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